Pork Scratchings are Good For You !!

Low Carb Dieting - Latest nutritional research is indicating that we ought to be eating considerably less carbohydrate than we have in the Western world over the past few hundred years. The pork rind/scratching is actually good for you (!) and makes appearances in the recommendations of many of the recently developed diet plans - Atkins, The Zone, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, etc. Intrigued? Take a look at the Low Carb Resources page and see this Ananova news-site article on 'The Pork Scratchings Diet'.

Other items

Sir John Harvey Jones was offered, and tried, a West Midlands pork scratching at the first AGM of the Professional Contractors' Group:

Someone's mentioned Fortean TV showing a pork scratching with the Virgin Mary on it. See the letter from Jeremy Harte here. Can anyone corroborate this?

Apparently, pork scratchings come in for a VAT rate of 21% in Ireland. Tragic news for Irish pork scratching consumers!

Pork Scratchings were mentioned in Hansard, June 1997, alongside creme de menthe frappes, when discussing amendments to the Education (Schools) Bill.

"That Old Ace In The Hole" by Annie Proulx is about a chap working for a US pork rinds company on the the lookout for more pig-rearing sites. No great insight into US pork rinds, but an enjoyable novel. There's humour, rich characters, observation and description that gives a real feel for the place.

How's about this as a dinner party treat? Yellow-fin tuna steaks stuffed with pork scratchings? It sounds fantastic!