Why Did PSW Start?

I've been a big fan of pork scratchings since the start of my drinking days.  Over the years, I've found out that some of my other friends are more than a bit partial to a few as well. We've spent many a merry hour discussing the merits of different makes, different styles and oddities of the scratching world.

I hit paydirt in 1999, when I started working on a contract in the West Midlands in the UK, where I found huge mounds of scratchings on sale at many of the local butchers. I had found what appeared to be the capital of the pork scratching world in West Bromwich! I proceeded to induct my colleagues into their spicey delights, and we got through between 1 and 5 bags a day. Not the titchy commercial bags you get in some pubs and supermarkets, but big, salty, encrusted, flavoursome chunks, often with the best part of a pork chop still attached.

When I told people that I had seen mention of scratchings on the Web, I decided to bring things together in one magnificent site.


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