Pub Scratchings:

A list of pubs selling quality scratchings, so that you need never be without your favoutite snack while enjoying a bevvy with your mates or treating your lady friend to a night out on the town. Please send all recommendations to .. Disappointingly, a trip round Richmond revealed that The Sun Inn had stopped doing the proper big bags, but that the next pub along to the Green had some reasonable Butchers Gold Label from Freshers. The one after that only had the rather measly KP ones.

Scratching Pubs:

The Cock Inn, Birdwell, S Yorkshire - Mr Scratchings.

The Brewers Pride, Healey Rd, Ossett, W Yorkshire - Large traditional bags.

The Carpenters Arms,  Seymour Place, London, does Ms scratchings, as well as well as a super selection of beers.

The Beehive, Homer St, London - Red Mill: Mr Porky.

The Cheshire Cheese, Little Essex St, London - KP.

The Bree Louise is rumoured to be getting Rick's Scratchings, having had Ms Scratchings for a while

Nicholsons pubs seem to have jars of scratchings which I believe might be Ms.

Overall, the availability of scratchings in London pubs has improved dramatically since this website started up in 2001, which can only be a good thing.